Pathology is one of the most import subjects in second year Medical school study. In view of this, we developed the App 【PathoInstitute】, which is based on first free Pathology online course in internet conducted by Dr. John R. Minarcik. We divided each course lecture into sessions with less than 20 minutes and added English subtitles, hope that this will help non-English speaking medical school students and medical professionals to study / review Pathology efficiently and effectively.

The experiences of Dr. John R. Minarcik can be found in internet and the reference session in this App. His free Pathology online course in internet (videos without subtitles) can be found in Medical School All interested people can join the course or download the course videos from the website freely.

Introduction video: Watch video here...

    Major audiences:
  • Medical Students
  • Nurses / Para-medical students
  • Doctor and Specialists
  • Dentists
  • Medical Professionals
  • Anyone who has interest in learning Pathology


【PathoInstitute】can be downloaded and installed from Apple AppStore here.


If the response is good, subsequent lecture's videos will be made available in this app.
If you have any question or suggestion on this app, please let us know here...

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